Upon entering a new star system, a journal entry written by the astronaut is shown. Sometimes these will have no bearing on the game and just give the player insight into the thoughts (or madness) of the astronaut. Sometimes they will be random incidents that will cause changes to the resources of the ship. Sometimes they will be interactive encounters that require the player to make choices that can impact the status of the ship and its resources. The exact text of some entries has changed between game versions; images of the Omega Edition text is provided here whenever possible.

Journal EntriesEdit

  • Refilling oxygen tanks from a garden world fills the ship with the smell of the planet - bends the astronaut's way of thinking
  • Emptiness. Death. Life and intelligence are accidental.
  • What the astronaut eats - one cubic meter of rations.
  • Millions of dead bodies floating around the ship - learned not to trust himself
  • Daily physical exercises - keep a sound mind
  • Check all alien devices, talk to an imaginary self, tells he forgot something - he tells himself things he never knew
  • Why not settle on the first garden planet he lands on? - The planets are deeply alien and drive you to madness.
  • Concerns about regenerative powers of the Space Folder - Nobody grows old, Overpopulation, extinction, madness. Or become eternal, colonize galaxy with arrogant and immortal humans. Is it a good idea to return?
  • Entered system during a full solar flare - Not afraid, there's not a more beautiful place to die.
  • Losing his hair because of cosmic rays, shaved it off - it will grow back when used to rays, optimistic.
  • So far, everything is fine. Yipee.
  • Just lived a nice moment, deep space and luminous lines guided the ship. Then the light was gone, what could it be?
  • Wait for the space folder lying on the ground, one with the ship. Someday the ship will pilot me.
  • When space folds, the field of view concentrates in a circle of light to a single point - Wonder if some of the points in a starfield aren't travelers that fold space
  • Had conversation with imaginary self about a summer evening on a beach with a guitar - Did not understand what a guitar was, had to be explained by imaginary self.
  • Nitrogen line leaked again, Sitting on frozen ice cube, water in air turned into snow. Built little snow alien.
  • Wonder if threat to own race, if aliens are tailing him looking for resources guided to Earth. Must understand what is at stake here.
  • Space folder disrupts fabric of reality, made die out of metal and threw it. Showed 6 before and after he threw it, when in space folding time everything seems logical.
  • Lost all hair thanks to gamma rays - I feel like I'm just a big egg.
  • Micro-meteorite cracked the window of the observation bay, repaired it with tape, metal, saliva. Happy to be alive.
  • He doesn't dream of space, scarcely get enough sleep. Dreams of wet foliage, grilled meat and being around humans.
  • Too many a time have escaped death. Old friend now.
  • I will go back to Earth and I will be hailed as a hero.
  • Got younger by touching the alloy of the Space Folder.
  • Butterflies flit from flower to flower, gather pollen, and enable the reproduction of plants. sometimes, when I learn a new technology from one planet and show it to the inhabitants of another, I think of myself as a butterfly; spreading life unknowingly.
  • It´s my birthday today. Happy birthday, my friend. may you survive at least one more day.
  • I have regained some measure of hope. since the beginning of my adventure, I have learned new technologies and discovered new ways to elude death. there´s no reason this process stop. I believe that, someday i will find a way to jump from one galaxy to another and find my way back home.
  • It seems that far away from any celestial bodies brain works much faster.

Random IncidentsEdit

  • Gray moon-like asteroid (Gathered 5 Oxygen)
  • Leak in the liquid nitrogen line (Lose 15 Hull)
  • Space Folder malfunctioned, went far away, used again and came back (Lose 10 Fuel)
  • White elongated cloud (Gathered 15 Fuel)
  • Path crossed a very dense asteroid field (Lose 20 Hull)
  • Reactor shaking, something stuck in it, fuel filled ship (Lose 20 Fuel)
  • Cosmic rays hit strong magnetic field creating a huge aurora, but the disturbance had erased entries in database (Forget 1 Technology)
  • Small spot shining far away, comet coming fast straight at him. Size of a planet, used full power to escape. (Lose 20 Fuel)
  • Cut off a bit of his finger, tried to cauterize the wound with a soldering iron, dropped iron onto device (Broke 1 Ship Module)
  • Appears in a giant 3D spider web, flying between ropes next to frozen giant spiders, escaped with dents (Lose 15 Hull)
  • Malfunction in oxygen line, saw everything red ten black (Lose 20 Oxygen)
  • Noticed a weakness in the hull with a bizarre reflection of the hull, fixed it (Lose 5 Oxygen)
  • Came across a huge energy ball, seemed alive, grabbed ship and teleported him outside of ship and examined. (Lose 20 Oxygen)
  • Power surge occurred during the last jump, Space Folder is out of order (Broke Space Folder Ship Module)
  • Opened a big gash into a large white space whale, internal fluids repaired the hull (Gain 20 Hull)
  • Comet crashed on ship, was soft and filled with water and ice (Gathered 15 oxygen)
  • Found a forgotten construction site deep inside the core of an iron moon, tried to enter but defended itself (Lose 20 Hull)
  • Hit by cosmic rays, melted some of my devices. (Damage 1 Ship Module)
  • Encountered small automated station. (Gain 30 Fuel)
  • Found a hydrogen cloud which could have been born a star. (Gain 75 Fuel)
  • Fuel tank bumped into the ship. (Gain 50 Fuel)
  • Found a dead alien astronaut floating in space. (Gain 10 Oxygen)
  • Flew through a moon made of liquid helium, went back to collect fuel. (Gain 100 Fuel)

Interactive EncountersEdit

In some interactive encounters, new responses are unlocked based on the ship's installed modules and cargo. Those responses are identified below using the appropriate module or element symbol.

The rewards and losses provided here are the maximum possible values, but will be constrained in any given game based on the ship's current capacity and capabilities. For example, resource-based rewards cannot be given if the ship's cargo is completely full. Also note that in version 1 of the game, hull losses were reduced based on the ship's resistance level (shielding); in the omega edition, however, shielding has no impact on encounter-related damaged.

  • The worst situation that could possibly happen... has happened! I miscalculated my course and the Space Folder delivered me to the very surface of the star!

    The landscape is certainly beautiful, bathed in liquid fire as it is, but I've always felt Hell is best observed at a good distance. And at 5 000 degrees, which is very high already, my bulkheads rapidly begin to deteriorate. If I don't leave in moments, I will be baked to death.

    Problem is, the corona of a star is about 1 million degrees hotter than its surface, and I'll have to pass through it to escape...

    What should I do?
    • Fly away, quickly! - (Lose 10 Fuel, Lose 30 Hull)
    • Activate the Space Folder - (Lose 10 Fuel, Lose 15 Hull, Warped... out there)
    • Thermresgen
      Use the Thermal Resonance Generator - (Gain 10 Helium, Lose 15 Hull)

  • CRACK! - CRACK! - CRACK! Three dark crafts are hurling tiny steel balls at my ship and surrounding me like feral pack-hunters! I have no weapons to fight back... I have to escape somehow! I can hide either in the rings of a nearby gas planet, on a moon dotted with geysers, or I can fly straight towards the nearest star. And there's little time to think about it... I must act!
    • Hide in the Rings - (Nothing)
    • Head for the moon - (Lose 10-20 Hull, Gain 10 Fuel)
    • Thermresgen
      Go to the Star (use Thermal Resonance Generator) - (Learn 1 Technology)

  • The trip went well.

    Well, at least until I arrived and was blinded by a flash of cosmic rays! Just before everything went dim, I noticed that my ship was flying straight into an asteroid belt! What should I do?
    • Gravwellgen
      Activate the Gravitational Well Generator - (Nothing)
    • Jump to another system right now! - (Warped... out there)
    • Fly at random and pray - (Lose 20 Hull)

  • I come across a huge abandoned metal city floating in space, with openings on every side. Each opening is so wide that a ship much larger than mine could pass within.

    In the middle of this deathly silent city floats a huge white ring. I see a space station hovering inside the ring. It's identical to the one I encountered at the beginning of my adventure.
    • Look for resources - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Fly into the ring - (Warped... out there)
    • Leave the City - (Nothing)
    • Interferometer
      Activate the interferometer - (Warped... out there)

  • In front of me there is a huge portal – a perfect ring floating in space. In the ring, a blue forcefield shines.

    The words JUDGES / ARCHITECTS TECHNOLOGY GIVE are written on the side.

  • I can't believe it! For the first time since arriving here, I detected an intelligent communication! I triangulate the source and locate a small space station, hidden in an asteroid field.

    The words don't make sense, they say something like STAR PEOPLE DEATH. Is it safe to explore?
    • Explore the station - (Learn Ansible, learn 1 Word)
    • Flee - (Nothing)
    • Ansible
      Activate the Ansible - (Learn 4 Words)

  • My sensors detect something floating in the star's upper atmosphere. A signal buoy? A space station that lost its orbit? What's puzzling is that it has a sort of net-shape... I could catch it by rocketing over the star's corona, but it wouldn't be without risk. The fire of a star is a deadly one.
    • Try to grab it - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn Ultraprobe)
    • Give up - (Nothing)
    • Thermresgen
      Use the Thermal resonance Generator - (Learn Ultraprobe)

  • I can't believe my eyes: out there, in space, floats some kind of... sculpture?!

    A gigantic stone bird of odd, stylized design spreads its pitch-black wings in the night sky. The sculpture, more than a hundred times the size of my ship, rests on a small floating stone pedestal. Its head has been torn apart.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Explore - (Learn 2 Words)
    • Gravlens
      Use the gravitational lens - (Warped ... out there)

  • I have to think fast. Their nearby star is on the verge of drowning the entire system in some kind of solar eruption! I can protect my ship either by hiding in the shadow of a small artificial moon or at the heart of a dense asteroid field. What should I do?
    • Hide behind the moon - (Learn Shield Generator and Thermal Resonance Generator; if both known, learn 1 random Technology)
    • Hide in the asteroid belt - (Lose 15 Hull)
  • There's a pyramid here on a drifting asteroid. I land immediately and begin exploring it. Fascinating! This is some kind of library... Millions of tiny pyramids, carved with glyphs, all of which occasionally vibrate and sketch holographic images in the air. If I had a million years time, I could learn an awful a lot in here.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Study - (Lose 10 Oxygen, Learn 1 Word)
    • Cryogenicsshared
      Use Shared Cryonics (Learn 1 Technology, Learn 2 Words)
  • Fascinating... In the low orbit of the star orbits a space station, but it seems to be safe from the solar eruptions that engulf the whole structure; the metal walls stay solid, for an unknown reason. I'm quite tempted to explore the station, but the risk of getting close to the star is very high.
    • Fly to the station - (Lose 20 Hull, Learn Shield Generator and Void Fluctuation Projector)
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
  • There is a huge asteroid on the outer rim of this star system, too perfectly round to be natural. I fly closer to it and quickly discover that it’s some kind of cage with barred windows. Inside, I see a giant creature with tentacles made of pure energy, like a living lightning bolt.
    • Flee - (Nothing)
    • Free the creature - (Lose 40 Hull)
    • Wait and see - (Learn 1 Technology, Learn 1 Word)
    • Deathseed
      Use the Death Seed - (Learn 2 Technologies and 2 Words)

  • A huge cosmic beast is swimming in this star-system. it looks like a sleek shark, and it moves by gathering and ionizing hydrogen molecules before ejecting them through its "gills". Smaller versions of the creature swim by its side. I say smaller but they are still much bigger than my ship!
    • Leave - (Lose 20 Hull)
    • Follow its course - (Gain 100 Fuel)
    • Jettison some fuel - (Lose 10 Fuel)
    • Voidflucgen
      Use the Void Fluctuation Projector - (Learn 1 Technology)

  • I have discovered the drifting corpse of a dead ship, forgotten for centuries. I board it and explore with a small flashlight. I find the floating bodies of long-dead alien creatures, but they crumble to dust when I cast my flashlight beam over them... Horrifying... Horrifying... Suddenly, I hear a cracking sound ahead. I look down the corridor and see flashes of light!
    • Flee - (Nothing)
    • Explore - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Geoscan
      Use the Geo Scanner - (Gain 1 Omega, Learn 1 Technology)

  • The stars seem to move in this new star-system. But no... It's my ship that's moving! How is that possible!?

    After a quick scan, I discover that the main star of this system is abnormally dense; it creates massive, potentially deadly gravitational waves.
    • Flee - (Lose 20 Fuel)
    • Wait and see - (Lose 40 Hull)
    • Gravwellgen
      Use the Gravitational Well Generator - (Nothing)

  • An asteroid. A small moon, actually. Shiny. Like a diamond... Holy cow, it IS diamond! Great, but I don't have any use for diamonds right now. Attached to the moon is some kind of factory and mine. Two functional monitoring satellites orbit the facility and aim laser-cannons at anything that moves. This includes me.
    • Ram the satellites - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn Planetary Expander)
    • Fly away - (Nothing)
    • Ultraprobe
      Activate the Ultraprobe - (Learn Planetary Expander)

  • There floats a huge tetrahedron, hovering in space. It's black, two faces shine and show distant star-systems - as if I was before windows opening on far away places. A face is dotted with 5 groups of 5 dots, and the other on with 30 groups of 5 dots.
    • Go through face with 5 groups of 5 dots - (Warped... out there)
    • Go through face with 30 groups of 5 dots - (Warped... out there)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Interferometer
      Use Interferometer - (Gain 100 Fuel, Warped... out there)

  • When I warp into this system, I am suddenly drawn by a powerful force into a mysterious pentagonal structure. Inside, everything is white. As my ship lays idle on the hard ground, I put on my space suit and wander aimlessly in the white interior of the structure. Suddenly, two pillars emerge from the ground.

    The one on the left bears the word LIFE ; the one on the right, the word DEATH.

    What should I do?.
    • Touch the left column - (Learn 1 Technology, Learn 2 Words)
    • Touch the right column - (Forget all learned Technologies)
    • Taustasis
      Activate Tau Stasis - (Gain 1 Omega)

  • A derelict ship is orbiting the star of this system. It's enormous and vaguely bird-shaped, with its wings spread wide. The ship is very close to the star; attempting to board it may cause damage to my ship.

    On the craft's exterior, I see hastily scrawled words: JUDGES/ARCHITECTS GOD DEATH STAR.
    • Board the ship - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn Death Seed, Learn 1 Word)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Geoscan
      Activate the Geo Scanner - (Gain 1 Omega, Learn Death Seed)

  • A big rock shines under the rays of the star. A couple of small colored pieces of rock look quite promising. However, on the surface of the rock are some sort of spider patrol robots.
    • Land and take the rocks - (Lose 10-15 Hull, Gain 3 Platinum, 3 Thorium, 3 Tungsten)
    • Fly away - (Nothing)

  • On the surface of a cinder moon, I notice a sort of amphitheater, or maybe an arena, dug into the rocks. The atmosphere is gloomy.
    • Explore - (Lose 2 Fuel, Learn 2 Words)
    • Fly away - (Nothing)

  • My heart jumps in my chest when the words ME WANT ME STAR IRON appear on my screen.

    Then a choice appears: either GOOD or EVIL.

    What the..?
    • ​Choose the first option - (Forget 2 Technologies, Learn 1 Word)
    • Choose the second option - (Learn 1 Word)
    • Ansible
      Use the Ansible - (Learn 1 Word)

  • There's a tiny moon here in orbit around a small planet.

    The moon's surface is perfectly flat, probably artificial. I land near the only identifiable construction, a crystal dome. The atmosphere is 20% oxygen, and the temperature 20 degrees Celsius. I leave the ship without a space suit.

    It's unreal. The dome houses some kind of alien propulsion device. In the middle of it, a receptacle seems to be waiting for something. There are words etched beneath it: GIVE LIFE.
    • Leave - (Gain 1 Iron, Learn 1 Word)
    • Place my hand inside - (Gain 1 Platinum, Learn 1 Word)
    • Iron
      Put in some iron - (Lose 1 Iron, Learn 1 Word)

  • A bubble as big as an asteroid is floating in space, dotted with shiny, blinking spots. Intriguing...
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
    • Touch - (Lose 30 Hull)
    • Wait and see - (Lose 15 Hull)
    • Geoscan
      Use the Geo Scanner - (Nothing)

  • What the…? An icosahedral ship just appeared directly in front of my ship. Blue words materialize in the space between us:
    Well, what am I supposed to do now?
    • Iron
      Eject a ton of iron - (Lose 1 Iron, Gain 1 Thorium; text contains glyphs YOU FRIEND. YOU GIVE DEATH JUDGES/ARCHITECTS)
    • Hydrogen
      Eject a ton of hydrogen - (Lose 1 Hydrogen, Gain 1 Platinum; text contains glyphs YOU FRIEND. YOU GIVE DEATH JUDGES/ARCHITECTS)
    • Oxygen
      Eject a ton of oxygen - (Lose 1 Oxygen from cargo, Gain 1 Cobalt; text contains glyphs YOU FRIEND. YOU GIVE DEATH JUDGES/ARCHITECTS)
    • Stick out my tongue - (Nothing)

  • I hover before a large shrine made of black stone. It's a giant empty cube with an opening on one side. For a moment, the vision of a giant bird-man comes to my mind. I don't understand.

    I land my ship in the cube, don my space suit, and disembark. The place is empty other than for a pillar that's my height with a sort of plate on top of it. I think it might be a button… but should I…?
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Push the button - (Gain 100 Hull, Lose 1 Technology)
    • Planetexpans
      Use the Planetary Expander - (Gain 1 Omega)
  • A space station not unlike the one I explored at the beginning of my adventure, but it seems to have been shut down a long time ago... Asteroids have penetrated the structure and now float around the inactive cube. The only sign of activity is a faint blue light in some circuitry. I investigate closer and see that I can activate a circuit named TECHNOLOGY, another named OXYGEN, and another named STAR IRON.
    • Choose the first circuit - (Learn 1 Technology, Learn 1 Word)
    • Choose the second circuit - (Learn 1 Word, Gain 100 Oxygen)
    • Choose the third circuit - (Nothing)
  • Space unfolds, and I am no longer in space. I am in a some kind of giant structure where the empty would have been replaced with the full - huge, dark structures and long tunnels. That kind of construction could explain the mystery of the dark matter on which our scientists were trying to solve. I wander aimlessly in here, when suddenly I find a curious beacon. It blinks with a yellow and blue light. Before me open three large tunnels full of colored crystals.
    • Take the yellow tunnel - (Lose 20 Fuel)
    • Take the green tunnel - (Nothing)
    • Take the white tunnel - (Lose 20 Fuel)
  • I fly up to a strange structure made of stone and metal. It is covered with many ship-sized entrances. While considering my options, an invisible Force suddenly grabs hold of the ship and draws me inside the structure, led by a mysterious blue light. I soon arrive at a junction and find my controls restored. There are four exits here: one marked with a 0; the other, an I; another, a II; and the last one, a III. Which should I explore?
    • Go through exit 0 - (Nothing)
    • Go through exit I - (Warped ... out there)
    • Go through exit II - (Warped ... out there)
    • Go through exit III - (Warped ... out there)
  • The outer limits of this star system are bounded by giant gas clouds that block all sight. They seem to... move?! That's unusual...
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Explore - (Gain 40 Fuel, Lose 20 Hull)
    • Ultraprobe
      Use the Ultraprobe - (Gain 20 Helium, Gain 20 Hydrogen)

  • It's a space creature. Huge. Unknown. It looks like an octopus-plant, and it throws itself on large asteroids. It applies pressure on them and fractures them into pieces which fly in all directions at speeds I won't be able to match with my ship. There it goes now, jumping on another rock. Should I try to catch some of the flying rocks?
    • Catch the rocks - (Lose 15 Hull, Gain 3 Hafnium)
    • Fly away - (Nothing)
  • A very small planet orbits this star. From here, I can see small lakes, a tiny sea and beautiful forests... That's too tempting! I land and activate my pumps to collect the oxygen. I walk in the grass... This could be a nice place to settle down.

    Not far from my ship, I see what looks like a huge metallic temple.
    • Explore - (Learn Tau Stasis Learn 1 Word, Gain 100 Oxygen; text contains glyphs STAR IRON)
    • Ignore - (Gain 100 Oxygen)
    • Geoscan
      Activate the Geo Scanner - (Learn Life Seed, Gain 1 Omega)

  • A huge construction is adrift on the outer rim of this star system: a long tube, large enough to pass a small moon, with a small control station floating in its center. I enter and determine that it's an artificial "planet" that somehow abandoned its orbit. Lakes, forests, and even gigantic animals are frozen Inside the tube for eternity. It's beautiful. And it's terrifying.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Land - (Gain 100 Oxygen)
    • Explore the control station - (Lose 10 Fuel, Lose 15 Hull)
    • Gravlens
      Use the gravitational lens - (Gain 100 Oxygen, Learn 3 Words)

  • There is a long, thin, abandoned ship here.

    I board it and look around. The ship has a crystalline bay that is collecting the light from a nearby star. The light is refracted by the crystal and condensed into a single, powerful ray that passes through a mysterious lens, clearly a marvel of technology. The words TECHNOLOGY JUDGES/ARCHITECTS are written below the lens.

    I am quite tempted to steal that lens, but I hesitate... the crystals are very delicately arranged; any blunder on my part could have devastating consequences.
    • Take the lens - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn Gravitational Lens, Learn 1 Word)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Thermresgen
      Use the thermal shield - (Learn Gravitational Lens, Learn 1 Word)

  • A field of asteroids, and quite a dense one... If I fly in, I'm not sure I can escape unscathed. I wonder what's keeping all these rocks here...
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Explore - (Lose 15 Hull, Gain 20 Oxygen, Gain 20 Fuel)
    • Suprcondprot
      Activate the Supra-Conductor - (Gain 30 Oxygen, gain 30 Fuel)

  • Gas clouds, rainbow colored, are closing on my ship. In their haze, I see messages:
    Then the words: TECHNOLOGY and HYDROGEN.

    Mmm, what should I do?
    • Point to the word on the left - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Point to the word on the right - (Gain 20 Hydrogen)
    • Wave in peace - (Nothing)
    • Gravlens
      Use the Gravitational Lens (Learn 1 Technology, 2 Words, Gain 1 Omega)

  • Halfway from my destination, the Space Folder suddenly stops. The sensors have detected a hidden star system, home to a huge black hole. Its terrifying power has disabled the Space Folder; I try to reactivate it but nothing works! Meanwhile, asteroids, gas, and entire planets flow towards the huge black god at amazing speeds!

    Nearby, I spot a hollow spaceship drifting in the river of cosmic debris.
    • Flee - (Lose 30 Fuel)
    • Dive into the black hole - (Lose 35 Hull)
    • Explore the ship - (Gain 30 Fuel)
    • Gravsails
      Deploy the Gravitational Sails - (Warped... out there)

  • A massive artifact fills all the visible space around me and eclipses the starfield. It's geometric, smooth - the work of an alien race of unmeassurable powers and obscure intentions. It is spotted countless large openings that seem to be silently waiting for me.
    • Interferometer
      Analyze with the Interferometer - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
  • This star is more than just a stellar body... It emits a huge luminous wave that quickly rolls towards me, and my screens flicker. What's happening?
    • Approach the wave - (Lose 60 Hull)
    • Hide behind an asteroid - (Lose 15 Hull)
    • Telescope
      Analyze with the Telescope - (Nothing)

  • A strange blue-white electromagnetic phenomenon is moving in space before me, as if it were alive. It moves closer and touches my ship...

    Suddenly, the temperature inside the ship plummets and ice appears on the walls.

    • Fly away, full speed! - (Lose 20 Fuel)
    • Put on a space suit - (Damage 1 Ship Module)
    • Cryogenics
      Use Cryonics - (Nothing)

  • I thought there was nothing here - or even worse, a black hole. The reality is different, impossible, and incredible: something enclosed the entire star system in a giant sphere made of black matter. I see nothing except a cube-shaped construction drifting the stellar sphere.

    The word-glyph PLATINUM is shining blue upon it.
    • Touch the glyph - (Warped... out there)
    • Platinum
      Eject some platinum - (Lose 1 Platinum, Learn 1 Word, text contains glyph JUDGES/ARCHITECTS)
    • Leave - (Warped... out there)

  • A weird crystal ship just appeared from nowhere. It blinks, emits noises in my ship and even tries to probe my mind. It sends me a sort of mental request. I see two spheres linked together, and each sphere has 8 small satellites. What does it want?
    • Give fuel - (Lose 20 Fuel)
    • Oxygen
      Give oxygen - (Lose 20 Oxygen, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Ansible
      Use the Ansible - (Learn 4 Words)
    • Leave - (Nothing)

  • A simple cube-shaped space station fashioned of white plastic, drifting by. As I get closer my sensors detect a very powerful radioactive source, which could be deadly.

    Should I explore it anyway?
    • Suprcondprot
      Activate the Supra-Conductor - (Gain 10 Platinum, Gain 10 Cobalt, Gain 10 Thorium, Gain 10 Gold, Gain 10 Copper, Gain 20 Iron)
    • Explore - (Gain 5 Platinum, Gain 5 Thorium, Gain 5 Gold, Gain 5 Copper, Gain 20 Iron, Damage 1 Ship Module)
    • Leave - (Nothing)

  • It's just a piece of a derelict alien ship drifting in space. There's almost nothing left, but I explore it anyway. I find one piece of equipment though, half broken, that I could take with me. It's linked to a screen located under an empty container. This screen displays the following words: GIVE IRON. What should I do?
    • Take the module - (Learn Supra-Conductor and 1 Word)
    • Iron
      Place some iron in the container - (Lose 1 Iron, Gain 100 Hull, Learn 1 Word)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
  • It was just a cute purple cloud. Well... it seemed cute from afar. Highly ionized, it completely fried my Space Folder. It's dense and it continues in all directions. What should I do?
    • Set engines to max thrust - (Damage 4 Ship Modules, including Space Folder)
    • Shut everything down - (Lose 20 Oxygen, Damage Space Folder)
    • Cryogenics
      Activate Cryonics - (Damage Space Folder)

  • On a low orbit close to the star I detect a kind of... let's call it a ruined shipyard.

    There must be some useful materials over there, but is it safe?
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
    • Board it - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn 2 Technologies)
    • Thermresgen
      Use the Thermal Resonance Generator - (Learn 2 Technologies)

  • A strange black current roars over my ship - some kind of dark fog, nearly invisible. Is it the mysterious black matter out scientists have eternally sought? The current has a strong the magnetic pull; it spirals down towards the star of the system, taking me with it!
    • Set the reactors to max power - (Lose 20 Fuel)
    • Go with the flow - (Lose 20 Hull, Warped... out there)
    • Solarsails
      Deploy Solar Sails - (Nothing)

  • My sensors reveal a large metallic object, drifting in space. I change my course to intercept it. It's the remains of an enormous spaceship built by some unknown alien civilization. What ingenious minds could undertake such a colossal work?

  • All of a sudden, all my tools and the buckles of my suit get stuck against the wall. Through the observation bay, I can see a small, pitch-black asteroid
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Mine it - (Lose 10 Fuel, Gain 20 Iron)
    • Geoscan
      Use the Geo Scanner - (Gain 1 Omega)

  • ]There's a huge metal cube here, floating in space. In its center, I see a square-shaped opening with these words written above: GIVE LIFE STAR IRON. The opening glows bright yellow, not unlike a hellish furnace.
    • Enter - (Gain 100 Hull)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Planetexpans
      Drill with Planetary Expander - (Gain 1 Omega, Gain 20 Iron)

  • A planet orbits here. Something the size of a planet, at least. Because the huge structure is made of two pyramids attached by their base, a colossal shape drifting in the cosmos... As I approach, I understand that the wandering asteroids and a couple of destroyed ship hulls are pulled in by a mysterious force.
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
    • Approach - (Lose some resources)
    • Ultraprobe
      Deploy the Ultraprobe - (Gain 1 Omega)

  • What the?! - My Space Folder warped me to the right star-system, but at the heart of a minefield! I see two of the mines crash into each other and explode! The mines transmit this message: GIVE DEATH JUDGES/ARCHITECTS. What should I do?
    • Jump to another system - (Warped... out there)
    • Fly through the mines - (Lose 30 Hull)
    • Shield
      Activate Shield Generator - (Nothing)

  • It's hard to believe but a huge black 'river' is flowing along the edge of this star-system. Is it made of the mysterious black matter that our scientists have long searched for? Its black flow is dragging along with it hydrogen, asteroids, moons and even entire planets! I am quite tempted to explore... but is it safe?
    • Dive into the dark flow - (Warped... out there)
    • Fly away - (Nothing)
  • As soon as my ship warps into the star system, ten huge flame trails lash and bounce across my hull. Comets! A huge field of them are traveling here at great speed, tearing at the darkness of the cosmos with shiny blue and gold hues, fluttering in the gravitational waves.
    • Try to catch them - (Lose 10 Fuel, Gain 2 Iron, Gain 10 Oxygen)
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
    • Ultraprobe
      Activate Ultraprobe - (Gain 3 Hafnium, Gain 3 Thorium, Gain 50 Oxygen)
    • Drill
      Mine the comets - (Lose 10 Fuel, Gain 3 Thorium, Gain 25 Oxygen)

  • Hidden in the shadows of a nearby asteroid belt, I see something frightening:

    A horde of small, asymmetrical ships dive onto a larger vessel and pierce it with stone missiles. The prey is peppered with explosions and the attacking ships angle away, preparing for another run.

    I could try to explore the disabled ship before the attackers return...
    • Board the ship - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn Tau stasis)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Ansible
      Use the Ansible - (Learn Tau Stasis and Gravitational Well Generator)

  • There's a strange planet here: a gas giant shining from the inside, like a mini-sun. From my orbit, I can't see anything but light. What could it be?
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
    • Ultraprobe
      Activate Ultraprobe - (Gain 10 Cobalt)
    • Land - (Lose 15 Hull)

  • I can't believe my eyes! There's something here that appears to disprove all known scientific theory: a naked singularity!

    Space and time seem to bend together endlessly, like a black hole. Bu, unlike a black hole, this phenomenon is visible and plunges deep into itself, creating a vast, bright tunnel!

    If I enter it, I could travel a great distance... but would it be safe?
    • Go for it! - (Warped... out there)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Ultraprobe
      Use the Ultraprobe - (Gain 1 Omega)

  • I come upon a small icy moon with an atmosphere. There's more to it, however... I feel like the moon is calling me. I land safely on the cold, white surface. The ground is covered with soft, virgin-white grass. There is no hill, everything is flat. There's no life either. Or rather, I don't see any life. Maybe it's here, but invisible.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Explore - (Gain 10 Oxygen)
    • Drill
      Drill - (Damage Drill)

  • I let my mind wander as the Space Folder cools down... and then something moves in the shadows of the cockpit! There's something WEIRD here: a mechanical centipede, sitting on the dashboard - and it's looking at me! It suddenly scurries away and I follow it quickly. It stops and sniffs at my equipment... and then it starts taking it apart!
    • Chase it away - (Lose 15 Hull)
    • Let it be - (Damage 2 Ship Modules, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Ω Feed with Omega - (Learn 2 Technologies)
  • What a surprise! Orbiting around the star is a strange little device, small as a satellite, open like a golden flower and facing the fires of the sun. The petals of the little satellite are constructed of pure gold...

    It looks inactive, but I am still a few million miles away from it.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Salvage the gold - (Gain 5 Gold)
    • Study the device - (Learn Geo Scanner)
    • Interferometer
      Use Interferometer - (Learn Solar Sails)

  • There is something very unusual with the star in this system: it has a jet-black core, hidden under the solar flares and torrential fire-storms. Stranger even, in the ecliptic plane, a large dark opening leads inside.
    This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Could also be a one-way trip.
    • Interferometer
      Activate the Interferometer - (Nothing)
    • Fly away - (Nothing)
    • Pass through the opening - (Lose 30 Hull, Gain 10 Oxygen, Gain 20 Helium, Gain 5 Thorium)

  • A planet split in two from an ecological disaster... or maybe something worse. Orbiting this ruined world is a huge, hollow, spherical craft.

    On its hull I discern the words: FEAR JUDGES / ARCHITECTS.

    What should I do?
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
    • Explore the ship - (Learn Shared Cryonics, Learn 1 Word)
    • Ansible
      Activate the Ansible - (Learn Shared Cryonics, Learn 5 Words)

  • I am no more in space. I am in some large luminous place. My sensors don't tell me anything. I don't understand what is happening. Then, just before me, in space, I see a black disk floating. Then it fades away, and I see the number 3, then 5, 7, 11. Then nothing, as if something waited for an answer.
    • Answer 15, 19 and 23 - (Lose 15 Hull, Lose 15 Fuel, Lose 15 Oxygen)
    • Answer 13, 17 and 19 - (Gain 10 Hull, Gain 10 Fuel, Gain 10 Oxygen)
    • Wait and see - (Nothing)
    • Lifeseed
      Life seed (Gain 3 omega)

  • A funny little probe with two streamlined wings flies around my ship. The word JUDGES/ARCHITECTS is written on it. It's black and round. It stops before my ship and blinks. I feel... scanned.
    • Go out and dismantle it - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn Geo Scanner)
    • Wait - (Gain 100 Oxygen)
    • Leave - (Lose 15 Hull)
  • Damnation! The Space Folder seems to be broken... it just won't stop! I'm trapped in a one-dimensional plane where my ship slides between two stars. To the bow of the ship, I see a strange blinking light... What should I do now?
    • Break Space Folder - (Destroy Space Folder)
    • Wait and See - (Lose 50 Fuel)
    • Contact the light - (Nothing)
    • Subspacereactor
      Activate the Subspace Reactor - (Learn 1 Word)

  • Am I dreaming? At the heart of an asteroid field, I spot a light pulsing gently. A hidden space station? The field is quite dense... heading in with my ship would be very risky. I could go in alone with my suit but that's no less dangerous.
    • Oxygen
      Enter with the space suit (Lose 1 Oxygen from cargo)
    • Fly in with the ship - (Lose 15 Hull)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
  • The starfield did look a little odd.. but when my engines suddenly shut down, I knew I was in trouble. I’m in a big cloud, liquid and transparent. I analyze it: it’s a pure alcohol! Ethyl formate to be exact, an organic ester that smells like rum. I fill some sample tubes with it while considering how to escape this situation...
    • Power the engines - (Lose 40 Hull)
    • Jettison some cargo - (Lose random amount of raw material)
    • Solarsails
      Activate the Solar Sails - (Nothing)

  • Something has crashed onto the observation bay window! A purple and blue object, growing very fast, looking like... a plant! It spreads quickly across the entire ship and the internal temperature starts to plummet! It's absorbing my heat! Before I freeze to death, I leap into my space suit and quickly consider my options.
    • Fly towards the nearest star - (Lose 5 Fuel, Lose 15 Hull)
    • Go out in space to kill it - (Lose 15 Hull)
    • Voidflucgen
      Use the Void Fluctuation Projector - (Nothing)

  • Something flies close to me very fast, like a golden shooting star in the void. Is it a ship? A creature From space? Something that will try to kill me, again? Well, if I want to catch up with it, I'll have to push my reactors to the max.
    • Try to catch it - (Lose 20 Fuel, Learn Solar Sails)
    • Let it go - (Nothing)
    • Ultraprobe
      Activate the ultraprobe - (Learn Solar Sails)

  • I've discovered a small rogue planet of an unusual color: light brown.

    I assumed it must be composed of some rare material, or even maybe that it was some kind of man-made vessel. I landed on the surface and activated sensors. Still nothing, so I put my space suit on and went outside... and was immediately glued to the ground!

    The material was definitely carbon and water but, under the action of the nearby star, the entire planet has been cooked into... caramel!

    I turned and saw my ship was starting to sink! I cut off a big piece of the weird substance and headed back on board, smearing caramel everywhere.

    I must act quickly, before the planet swallows my ship whole!
    • Wait and See - (Nothing)
    • Planetexpans
      Activate the Planetary Expander - (Gain 10 Carbon, Damage Drill)
    • Take off at full power! - (Lose 10 Fuel, Lose 15 Hull)
  • It's a cube. Floating in space. It really looks like the floating cube of the space station that saved me at the beginning of my adventure. But, there's just the cube here, and the cube looks dead. The words STAR IRON TECHNOLOGY are written on it. What should I do?
  • There is a strange construction hidden in the outer reaches of this star system: a round frame resolving a silver vortex. I sense the words "Judge Architect" resonating in my mind. I have no clue as to what it means. What should I do?
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Approach the vortex - (Forget 1 Technology, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Salvage it for resources - (Gain 5 Iron)
    • Suprcondprot
      Use the Supra-Conductor Protection - (Learn 2 Technologies)

  • There's a ship here, slowly falling into pieces. Flames and lightning run over and into its structure. I put on my space suit and start exploring. Inside, everything is broken, useless. Computers have been burnt by some energy blast... A kind of big amoeba approaches slowly... weakly. It buzzes in my radio com: JUDGES/ARCHITECTS GIVE DEATH ME. YOU GIVE DEATH JUDGES/ARCHITECTS.
    • Approve - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Refuse - (Lose 15 Hull)
    • Say nothing - (Nothing)
  • I suddenly find myself in front of a planet in the throes of chaos. The ground is shaking and forming huge cracks that can be seen from space. The inhabitants flee in all directions in thousands of spaceships. I feel tiny and ignored before this unfolding cataclysmic disaster.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Land - (Gain 100 Oxygen, Lose 50 Hull, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Ansible
      Activate Ansible - (Warped... out there)

  • A celestial body orbits slowly; it is so strange a thing that I find it hard to understand its shape, as if blind spots covered it. It spins and dances like a wild animal, and I feel like vulnerable prey.
    • Flee - (Lose 15 Fuel)
    • Wait - (Nothing)
    • Ansible
      Broadcast greeting - (Learn 1 Technology and 1 Word)
  • I wake up to a huge purple praying mantis perched on my nose.

    I fly out of bed and slam my head into the ceiling. I curse and howl in pain and then go hunting for the beast.

    I finally spot it hiding under the ship computers. Oh no... there's a whole colony of these pests, and they're chewing on my cabling!

    Aren't cosmic rays and black holes enough? What am I going to do with these things?
    • Use the soldering iron - (Forget 1 Technology)
    • Oxygen
      Use liquid oxygen - (Lose 1 Oxygen)

  • I have discovered a station orbiting dangerously close to the sun. It is very old, but full of advanced technologies. Looks like its prime purpose is to extract energy from the star. The stations hangars are spacious, the atmosphere is rich in carbon dioxide, but poor in oxygen. So, if I want to explore, I'll have to carry an oxygen bottle with me. Large polished mirrors are floating around, held by invisible supports. They concentrate solar energy, directing it to a strange mechanism blinking with HYDROGEN, OXYGEN and CARBON indicators. The last symbol flashes blue, then in green.
    • Break the mechanism (Gain 1 Omega, Lose 20 Hull)
    • Examine the machine - (Nothing)
    • Hydrogen
      Load Hydrogen - (Lose 1 Hydrogen)
    • Carbon
      Load Carbon - (Lose 1 Carbon, Gain 2 Omega)
    • Oxygen
      Load Oxygen - (Lose 1 Oxygen)
    • Leave - (Nothing)

  • This rocky planet has only one side exposed to the sun, thus giving birth to the strangest life forms. While in orbit, I saw a continent of green and blue grass. I start descending slowly, near a hill that might contain useful resources. I land. There is oxygen in the atmosphere, not much, but I still activate the pumps. I go outside, the air is rare but the pressure is high. I make several steps on the grass. It moves. Oh. I realize this "grass" is actually millions of tiny creatures trying to escape my steps. With my ship and my boots here, I must have already destroyed millions of them! Well... if I want to get to the mineral deposits I noticed earlier, I must advance further.
    • Return to the ship and leave - (Nothing)
    • Move on to gather minerals - (Gain 5 Platinum, Gain 3 Hafnium, 5 Tungsten)
  • The stars in this system seem to move on their own. But no... It's my ship that's moving! How is that possible? After a quick scan, I discover that the main star of this system is abnormally dense; it creates massive, potentially deadly gravitational waves.
    • Flee - (Lose 20 Fuel)
    • Wait and see - (Lose 40 Hull)
    • Gravwellgen
      Use Gravitational Well Generator - (Nothing)

  • Good news! Well, sort of... A "cube" station drifts nearby. Its eccentric orbit will soon take it outside this solar system. It is in a sorry state... I approach it and see that something must have smashed into it, completely depriving it of energy. This Cube is not working. But then again, when else will I get the chance to rummage through (a) completely dead Cube? I'm certain that there are a lot of useful things here.
    • Plug in a computer - (Learn 3 Words)
    • Break it open - (Nothing)
    • [Ω] Fuel it with omega element - (Gain 100 Fuel, Gain 100 Oxygen, Gain 100 Hull)
  • My electromagnetic sensors have gone crazy... I got a message From an object close to the star... Well, sort of - characters and words are beyond my recognition... I can't understand a thing, But When I approach the star, I realize the full scale of this tragedy; the station lost its orbit and is about to fall into burning sun. It will only take a few days for the sun to completely devour it. I see no way out... Hmm... What shall I do?
    • Put the station into a new orbit - (Lose 20 Fuel, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Abandon it - (Nothing)
    • Push the station towards the star - (Gain 5 Iron, Gain 5 Tungsten, Gain 5 Platinum)
    • Deathseed
      Suppress the star's activity - (Learn 1 Technology)

  • On a planet moving along an eccentric orbit through the Oort cloud, I discovered a... Yep, that's a building. It dates back to the time when this planet was closer to the star. I landed. The atmosphere is rare, but I can safely leave the ship with only a breathing mask on my face. The building is actually a pyramidal temple with sculptures resembling worms, or intestines... In its only room, rather spacious, I find an enormous chalice full of some violet-blue liquid.
    • Drink the liquid - (Nothing)
    • Spray some liquid over the ship's hull - (Gain 50 Hull)
    • Geoscan
      Scan it - (Gain 1 Omega)
    • Do nothing - (Nothing)
  • I have surveyed the discovered system and noticed a small moon, looking suspiciously dull at first glance. In fact it's all about its terrain. How extraordinary...
    I reposition my ship a bit closer and realize that the moon is all shining. And i see... But how? That's impossible!

    There is a human face on the moon. And this face... Is mine.

    The words appear beneath it: YOU DEATH ?
    • Agree - (Nothing)
    • Disagree - (Gain 100 Oxygen)
    • Activate the drill [option available even if drill is not installed] - (Gain 1 Omega)

  • Enormous aurora borealis enwraps the systems like a belt. And... it sings! There is something strange and hypnotising about this song. I fall under its control. I turn my ship towards the aurora and start the engines... MY hands are out of control! What's coming next?..
    • Let go - (Lose various resources in small amounts)
    • Get hurt - (Lose 5 Fuel)
    • Voidflucgen
      Activate the shield - (Nothing)
  • My spacefolder teleports me right to a curious sight: two large space butterfly-like creatures try to approach one another. Violent solar bursts force one of them to retreat... and it is about to be lost in infinity. Both of them are transparent, glowing with ghostly pulsating light.
    • Pierce one of the creatures - (Gain 10 Hydrogen, 5 Oxygen, Forget 1 Technology)
    • Try to connect them - (Lose 20 Fuel, Gain 1 Omega)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Gravwellgen
      Create a gravitational well - (Gain 1 Omega)
  • On a small planet orbiting the star, I discovered some... breathtaking place. Just like the Earth's Caribbean islands. I landed in a peaceful coastal jungle and went for a walk on the white sand. I fell asleep on the beach, cradled by the soft murmur of the backwash and dreamed of the good old Earth. Life is beautiful here! I might...
    • Settle here - (Gain 100 Oxygen, Lose 30 Hull)
    • Leave - (Gain 100 Oxygen)
    • Ω: Trigger the Omega reaction - (Gain 100 Oxygen, Learn Life Seed)
  • The ships - are they fighting? I'm in the middle of space battle! Unbelievable... In the distance I see a large ship resembling a bird with its wings spread out. It emits beams of bright light, very intense, similar to supernova explosions. A fleet of red and ocherish silvery ships is coming towards me. If these beams hit me, I'm a goner...
    • Run away - (Lose 5 Hull, Damage 1 Ship Module)
    • Activate the spacefolder - (Warped... out there)
    • Approach the ships - (Gain 20 Fuel, Gain 20 Hull, Gain 20 Iron)
  • This off-orbit grey planet with inclusions of violet is cold and rocky. Human-size constructions... houses carved in the rock, occasional tissue scraps waving in a precious oxygen breeze (I should refill my reserves). It all looks oddly familiar... And then I see a temple carved in the rock... my god... these columns are so familiar... It looks fragile.
    • Inspect the temple exterior - (Gain 2 Oxygen, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Inspect the temple interior - (Gain 2 Oxygen, Learn 2 Words)
    • Gravlens
      Explore the village - (Gain 100 Oxygen, Gain 100 Fuel)

  • I land on a planet with no atmosphere and discover a ship half-buried in the sand. I leave my ship and space-walk over to it, noting the deathly silence all around. I enter through a huge fissure in the hull. Everything inside is in ruins, and starlight blinks through numerous cracks. A flash catches my eye and I look up. I see... oh my god... a meteor shower about to assault the planet! I don't have much time...
    • Explore the bow - (Lose 15 Hull)
    • Explore the stern - (Lose 15 Hull, Learn Tau Stasis)
    • Leave immediately - (Nothing)
    • Geoscan
      Use the Geo Scanner - (Gain 1 Omega, Learn Tau Stasis)
  • I have just landed on a small and quite pleasant planet. The trees here are huge, and their intertwined roots cover the soil like a labyrinth. They vibrate in time with my steps like if they were alive.

    The oxygen... it feels so good to walk around without a helmet. Large and fragrant purple fruits are so tempting to taste, but I don't want to risk my life.

    Suddenly I hear a cracking noise from where I came... and see the beach... and a woman's silhouette. Just like in movies of the fifties, featuring pretty women inhabiting exotic planets.
    • Meet the woman - (Lose 15 Hull, Gain 20 Oxygen)
    • Return to the ship - (Gain 20 Oxygen)
  • This is prodigious and unbelievable... a magnificent star-shaped space station floats in vacuum, hundreds of its' shafts branch out in all directions. It even has a dock, suitable for ships much larger than mine, so I land there.

    The atmosphere is breathable... not only by giants, who have constructed this wondrous place.

    From the inside I see that each shaft is pointing at specific solar system, and all of them are linked to a complex machine.
    • Examine the machine - (Learn Gravitational Lens)
    • Break the machine - (Gain 1 Omega)
    • Start the machine - (Warped... out there)
  • A ray emitted by a faraway star hits the sun and appears to drain its energy. I see alien spaceships scatter in all directions, leaving the dying planet. A hopeless exodus... Last ship stops its movement in the planet's elevated orbit... simply out of fuel. It floats in vacuum, powerless like a fish thrown out of water.
    • Giving him fuel (Lose 30 Fuel)
    • Rob him - (Gain 100 Oxygen)
    • Interferometer
      Seek Help - (Gain 50 Fuel, Gain 50 Oxygen)
  • I woke up with a terrible hangover, which is quite unfair since I did not drink anything alcoholic for quite a long time... Then came the shock - brutal and terrifying: I am no longer in my body, drifting in space like some restless spirit! In the distance, I saw (and the vision was perfectly clear) that my ship was imprisoned in some kind of crystal, with... my inert body behind the controls. What happened?... an accident?
    • Return to the ship - (Lose 5 Oxygen, Lose 5 Fuel)
    • Explore space - (Lose 5 Oxygen, Lose 15 Fuel)
    • Ansible
      Activate the Ansible - (Nothing)

  • I land on a small planet, hoping to find life there, but... pfff... its atmosphere is almost entirely methanoic... Low gravity has an interesting effect on local trees: they spindle kilometres up into the sky. Amidst the trees some gaseous creatures are floating placidly. They may have hydrogen, or even helium inside!.. What if I...?...
    • Try to capture a creature - (Lose 10 Hull, Gain 10 Helium)
    • Leave this place - (Nothing)
    • Ultraprobe
      Activate the ultraprobe (Gain 40 Helium)
  • A fascinating, mesmerizing spectacle: a metallic flower repeatedly folds and unfolds its fractal petals; from a distance I can see the petals separate into millions of smaller petals. I think if I get closer, I'll see these millions of other petals divide into millions more. At its core, I see carcasses of empty spaceships. The flower seems to slowly digest them.
    • Examine the ships - (Lose 10 Fuel, Lose 30 Hull)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Ultraprobe
      Activate the ultraprobe (Gain 2 Omega, Damage Ultraprobe)

  • My basic sensors detect an abnormal spectrum on a nearby small blue-pitched dark grey planet.

    I land. There is no atmosphere, so I put on my space suit. The gravity is heavy, and... my feet feel cold. Hmm... I put my hand on the ground. The planet is not just a simple block of ice - it actively absorbs the heat and energy!

    Cracks start to develop at the base of my ship's hull... Hmm... the situation turns hostile.
    • Take off without delay - (Lose 20 Fuel, 10 Hull)
    • Start drilling - (Nothing)
    • Thermresgen
      Activate the thermal shield - (Gain 5 Carbon, Gain 5 Gold, Gain 5 Oxygen)
  • I am on a distant orbit around a double planet. I hide behind the one that is smaller - almost an asteroid, and observe the other with my telescope.

    It is inhabited: large termites living in rectangular burrows. An ocherish red ship lies in ambush nearby, shooting at them. They are scared. I see them offering sacrifices and gifts to this terrifying deity.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Destroy the enemy ship - (Lose 15 Hull, Gain 10 Iron, 5 Gold, 5 Carbon, 5 Platinum)
    • Scare the rest of natives - (Lose 10 Fuel)
  • I fly over the surface of the planet with a very shallow atmosphere, hoping to find someone or something that can help me... The planet's surface suddenly trembles, and an immense pyramidal creature appears before me, obstructing the nearest star with the size of its body! Huge eye of this creature cracks open and looks at me. Its immense tentacle grabs my ship. I'm busted... The creature, however is not trying to crush or eat me... it examines me.
    • Be friendly - (Nothing)
    • Drill into the tentacle - (Lose 20 Hull)
    • Ansible
      Activate the Ansible - (Gain 1 Omega)
  • For a few hours already I am trying to find my way through the debris, left after the planetary explosion. There, I keep my way through high buildings created by unknown race, floating here and there in vacuum and, henceforth, deserted.
    I land on the edge of this floating dead city; a familiar symbol attracts my attention: its a hangar or bunker, bearing the Omega symbol.

    I see a huge metallic spider, sitting on its roof, embracing the hangar with its legs. It sits there, motionless. Asleep... or dead?
    • Explore the hangar - (Lose 25 Hull)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Planetexpans
      Activate the planetary expansion drill - (Gain 1 Omega)
  • A space station fit for an average human being (still huge, nevertheless), circles around the star at a very low orbit. The star is fluctuating spasmodically, giving rise to solar eruptions as spectacular as dangerous. Outer walls of the station's deck overlooking the star are transparent. The view outside is magnificent. Inside, a curious device is installed pointing at the raging sun, its purpose seems vague. My arrival ruins the delicately adjusted balance of gravity. I will most certainly be blown to pieces in the imminent explosion! I suspect that this device is here for a reason - maybe it can help me?
    • Activate it - (Nothing)
    • Examine it - (Lose 20 Hull, Learn Death Seed)
    • Break it - (Lose 20 Hull, Gain 1 Omega)
    • Get away… and fast! - (Nothing)
  • I pass by an asteroid. An artificial asteroid. It is made of rectangular blocks, shaped, sculpted and laid out in different intricate ways. Like a city of skyscrapers rising in all different directions.

    I wonder what is in it for me?
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Drill - (Lose 15 Fuel, Gain 5 Tungsten, 5 Platinum, 5 Iron)
    • Search for an entrance - (Learn 1 Technology)
  • Tremendous irradiant entities seized my ship immediately after I emerged from hyperspace. They released me into another sector of the solar system, full of immense oblong, shark-like creatures. They noticed me... and rushed towards my ship!
    • Run away - (Lose 25 Fuel)
    • Leave for another solar system - (Warped... out there)
    • Thermresgen
      Plunge towards the star - (Gain 2 Omega)

  • This is a small planet. Its atmosphere is oversaturated with carbon dioxide. Still, I start the oxygen pumps to gather some oxygen, however small the gathered amount may be. Surface of the planet is all covered in gigantic lianas, so I decided to put on my space suit and go exploring to get a little exercise. Unbelievable... beneath the lianas, I found a stone dome sheltering a model of the city. It is quite dark here... but i am afraid that the light may ruin it all.
    • Do nothing - (Gain 10 Oxygen)
    • Take a photo (flash) - (Gain 5 Oxygen, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Planetexpans
      Reinforce the dome - (Gain 10 Oxygen, Gain 2 Technologies)

  • So, here is a white plastic sphere, it has a strange symbol, resembling a black bird, with its wings spread out. This sphere floats in space, and it is a lot smaller than my ship... It has an opening, but it is securely shut. I wonder what's inside?
    • Pull the sphere towards the star - (Lose 5 Fuel)
    • Throw it into a gaseous planet - (Gain 5 Helium, Gain 5 Iron, Gain 5 Oxygen, Gain 5 Hafnium)
    • Do nothing - (Nothing)
    • Planetexpans
      Pierce it with the planetary expansion of my drill - (Gain 3 Omega)

  • I thought that this is a space station, but in fact this is a ship - a ship with its bird-style wings spread out and facing towards the sun. It is huge. I land my ship in an inner hangar. IT appears to have been empty... for centuries. There is nothing here besides a relatively small (twice my ship) mechanism in the ship's central part. It emits some ray towards the star.
    • Examine the mechanism - (Learn Death Seed)
    • Break the mechanism - (Gain 1 Omega, Lose 20 Hull)
    • Leave - (Nothing)

  • Something must have happened during my last jump... I don't feel like I'm in cosmic space anymore. Beneath my ship, I see an infinitely bright, flat and smooth surface stretching endlessly in all directions. Above me I see no stars, no light - nothing. It's an absolute darkness. Hey! What's that? ..
    • Come down on the shining surface - (Lose 50 Hull, Lose 10 Fuel)
    • Retreat into the darkness - (Lose 10 Hull, Lose 5 Fuel)
    • Interferometer
      Analyse it with the Interferometer - (Nothing)

  • I thought I was alone here. But in a moment, several ghostlike, iridescent creatures appeared out of deep space, encloaking my ship. I see gigantic eyes form within their structure - they throw a brief look at me and disappear. These creatures emit electromagnetic vibrations... I read their Frequency on my sensors: 261.3Hz, 329.63Hz, then follows the silence. Then they repeat, Followed by silence again. What shall I do?
    • Answer on a Frequency of 590.93 Hz - (Nothing)
    • Answer on a Frequency of 392.00 Hz - (Gain 20 Fuel, Gain 20 Oxygen, Gain 20 Hull)
    • Answer on a Frequency of 293.66 Hz - (Lose 1 Technology)
    • Wait - (Nothing)

  • Ah, what a beautiful planet! Savannah grasses caressed by the wind which... Good grief!!! An enormous hairy beast; a ten-armed gorilla as bis as a house, runs like hell towards me! I'd better get back to my ship!

    The creature grasps my ship and effortlessly lifts it up... Oh god! It snaps-off the nose of my ship like if it was peeling a gigantic banana, and starts chewing it!! It's going to be hard to reach the controls in this position...
    • Take off and leave - (Lose 25 Hull, Lose 5 Fuel)
    • Iron
      Drop some Iron - (Lose 5 Hull, Lose 1 Iron)
    • Gravwellgen
      Make a gravitational well - (Nothing)

  • I rush into the system at full speed, and as usual - nothing ever goes the way you want - a comet is right on my way! We're going to crash! I am on red alert, but then I notice something unusual about this comet... it is white, spectral... ethereal? how is that possible?
    • Rev up the engines and change flight direction - (Lose 25 Fuel)
    • Prepare to crash - (Lose 1 Technology)
    • Voidflucgen
      Activate the Void Fluctuation Projector - (Nothing)

  • So... Hmm.. I am landing on a sandy planet, in the center of the crater, where I have detected deposits of mineral resources. When I landed, I learned that this was not a crater, but a town belonging to a race of intelligent centipedes (capable to live in vacuum, most certainly) and I have nearly destroyed it.

    From inside my ship, I see them fussing about, shaking small spears and dragging small catapults towards me. If only I knew, I would never have destroyed their town, but how do I tell them?
    • Iron
      Offer help in reconstruction - (Lose 1 Iron, Learn 1 Word)
    • Leave - (Lose 5 Hull)
    • Pillage the destroyed town - (Lose 10 Hull, Gain 10 Gold, 10 Iron, 10 Thorium)
    • [Ω] Repair the town with Omega (Lose 1 Omega, Learn 1 Technology)

  • A large silvery flower is facing the sun. That's a space station, and it's on fire! Red and ocherish silvery ships project meteorites at the station to destroy it. Escape capsules try to get away: some are successful, but many of them are intercepted and destroyed. I hide in an asteroid field nearby - a silent witness of the drama. One of the capsules couldn't make it - now it tries to hide behind the station.
    • Wait for the end of the battle - (Gain 3 Iron, 1 Gold)
    • Try to save the capsule - (Gain 1 Omega, Lose 20 Hull)
    • Fly away - (Nothing)
    • Deathseed
      Create a Localized Black Hole - (Gain 2 Omega)

  • It is a giant monster, an octopus with millions of iridescent tentacles who is slowly drifting in space. I was terrified at first, but then noticed that the beast is dying: a large spear, weapon of its unimaginable enemy, pierced the body of the creature and pinned it to a floating asteroid.

    I hear strange words in my head: YOU GIVE DEATH ME / ME GIVE YOU TECHNOLOGY
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Press on the spear - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Ansible
      Activate the Ansible - (Nothing)

  • I tread carefully in an asteroid field, looking for mineral resources. Suddenly, a savage pack of spider-like creatures as big as my ship emerges from the shadows; they grab and throw my ship to one another. Their grasp is firm and I dare not start the engines, for fear of crashing into an asteroid... They bring me to a large asteroid at the flat surface of which I see some kind of a building - a temple? - with its columns pointing at a distant star. In fact, this structure looks more like a catapult... Are they going to launch me into their sun? Is it a sacrifice?
    • Start the engines at full capacity - (Lose 25 Fuel)
    • Do nothing, then change the trajectory - (Lose 25 Hull)
    • Thermresgen
      Do nothing - (Nothing)

  • I see a completely cubic ship, its cubic reactors slowly move it through space. I dock to see if I can find something of value... and see a square lid open. I can't resist such invitation go inside. Wow! An alien! It looks like a large violet cube, its small arms are fiddling with small buttons of a square controls board. His twelve (square) eyes form... a square on one of its "sides". In my mind I hear: YOU GIVE LIFE
    • Vague approval - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Vague disapproval - (Nothing)
    • Run away - (Nothing)

  • Incredible... in the upper turbulent layers of the gas giants' atmosphere I see a metallic platform... It looks like a take-off deck. I land there, fighting the terrible winds.

    Creatures looking like coloured whirlwinds approach me and speak through my computer:

    The winds grow stronger nearly scraping the hull of my ship.
    • Take off and leave - (Lose 1 Hull)
    • Platinum
      Give Platinum - (Lose 1 Platinum, Lose 5 Hull, Gain 1 Technology)
    • Tungsten
      Give Tungsten - (Lose 1 Tungsten, Lose 5 Hull, Gain 1 Technology)
    • Iron
      Give Iron - (Lose 1 Iron, Lose 5 Hull)

  • A satellite entirely of ice! Ice is water, and when I say "water" - I mean H2O - precious hydrogen and oxygen! I land on the satellite, put on my space suit (it's freezing cold out there!) and start filling my electrolytic tanks with hunks of ice and snow. All goes well and I'm happy. And then... the satellite trembles... again and again! Something huge is approaching!
    • Pack up and blast off - (Gain 20 Fuel, 10 Oxygen)
    • Get ready to fight - (Gain 30 Fuel, 15 Oxygen, Lose 15 Hull)
    • Solarsails
      Unfold solar sails (Gain 100 Fuel, 100 Oxygen)

  • It is so large that first I thought it to be some sort of a strange, polygonal moon... but in fact... this was a ship. The carcass of this colossal spacecraft is so big that my ship could easily fit through any of its cross passages. Most definitely, this ship was built by a race of giants. Deities? Dead deities. The vessel appears to be ruined and deserted.
    • Investigate - (Learn Tau Stasis, Lose 10 Hull)
    • Ignore - (Nothing)
    • Geoscan
      Scan the ship - (Gain 2 Omega)

  • I saw something extraordinary. I landed on a small, barely discernible planet orbiting at an ideal distance from the star. Plants (purple-coloured and very tall). Water (oddly orange). And life. Tiny creatures living in tiny villages built with tiny stones. They flock around me, trembling. Is it dance? Do they take me for a God? Am I here to change their life?
    • Interact - (Learn 2 Words)
    • Pilfer the village - (Learn 1 Technology)
    • Geoscan
      Activate the Geoscan - (Gain 1 Omega)

  • I landed on a small moon orbiting a gaseous planet. This is ridiculous, but... ok, I'll tell you... a violet life form knocked at my airlock, and I, erm, let it in. So, it was a violet cube having several small tentacles to help it move and grab things. It totally ignored me but instead - leaned over my space folder.
    • Let it do whatever it wants - (Damage Space Folder, Lose 10 Hull, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Force it out - (Nothing)
    • Ansible
      Communicate through the Ansible - (Nothing)

  • So, here it is! This extraordinary phenomenon, described in my worlds astrophysicists' widest theories: the Dark Flow! This solar system is shrouded in dark nothingness that seems to extend to infinity, to someplace lost in deep, deep space, too far away from my goal. Gravity net attracts my ship... I must get rid of it...
    • Go full throttle - (Lose 20 Fuel)
    • Give up - (Warped... out there)
    • Gravwellgen
      Make a gravitational well - (Nothing)

  • I see a ship... drifting, half-torn apart, but very huge... and of human proportions! In fact, everything here looks like it was made by humans. I am confused - how is that possible?

    I put on my space suit and start exploring... very impressive... everything's fit for humans. Thousands... millions of empty cryogenic capsules... my oxygen reserves dry up, and I leave empty-handed, unable to find anything in these immense halls of death.
    • Look for a logbook - (Nothing)
    • Examine the space suits - (Learn Shared Cryonics)
    • Collect iron - (Gain 10 Iron)

  • I see an immense space octopus (when I say immense, think of an island), drifting along a belt of asteroids. It probes them ,chooses one, and crushes it to dust with its tentacle, revealing useful mineral resources! It then absorbs them with its "mouth". Suddenly, the creature stops all activities, entranced.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Get closer to the "mouth" - (Lose 5 Hull)
    • Examine what's left of an asteroid - (Gain 1 Omega)
    • Ultraprobe
      Use the Ultraprobe - (Gain 2 Omega, Gain 2 Platinum)

  • I have stumbled upon a station looking similar to mysterious "cubes" that showed me my way through the stars. But this station is larger, a lot larger. And it is not working. Flashlight in my space suit illuminates its surface - so huge that I can't see its edges. So surreal!

    In the whereabouts of this "dead" cube I see a cubicle full of black energy substance. It could be of use to me, but...
    • Take the substance - (Gain 1 Omega)
    • Sprinkle it on the "dead" cube - (Gain 100 Fuel, 100 Oxygen, 100 Hull)
    • Ansible
      Activate the Ansible - (Learn 2 Technologies)

  • I see a capsule... a large capsule resembling a cargo compartment of a vessel. It spins around the star like a comet on a distant and eccentric orbit. I grab it with the probe and go out in space to examine it... Well, it is locked and heavily armoured. A cosmic safe? The technology seems to be very advanced, so, I guess, my soldering iron will be useless here. On the front side of the capsule I see buttons representing all known geometric forms: circle, star, ring, square... shall I try to guess the combination?
    • Press the Star and the Square buttons - (Nothing)
    • Press the Ring and the Oval buttons - (Nothing)
    • Press the Rectangle and the Disk buttons - (Gain 100 Fuel, 100 Oxygen, 100 Hull)
    • Leave - (Nothing)
  • The pulsating radiation of the star makes me want to sleep - it hypnotizes me. I lose control over my body. My numbed mind cannot stop me from turning towards the star and powering up the reactors. Against my will, I rise. My legs are carrying me to the airlock... This star - or something that inhabits it - wants to rob me of my ship and throw me away. Desperately straining to stay focused I manage to...
    • Break an oxygen duct - (Lose 10 Hull, Lose 10 Oxygen)
    • Break the reactors - (Lose 10 Hull, Damage Interplanetary Reactor)
    • Thermresgen
      Activate thermal shield - (Nothing)

  • The puzzle
    An elliptical space station orbits around the sun. Its access door is Firmly locked. The lock itself is a tangram, where symbols have to be placed in the correct order. I see symbols of Oxygen, iron, Helium... and many other.
    In so-called "instruction manual" I see symbols of small sphere, an arrow and a large sphere.
    So, what's the order of placement?
    • None - (Nothing)
    • Oxygen, Iron, Helium, Hydrogen - (Nothing)
    • Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Iron - (Gain 2 Omega)
    • Helium Hydrogen, Iron, Oxygen - (Nothing)
  • I suddenly find myself in front of a planet in the throes of chaos. The ground is shaking and forming huge cracks that can be seen from space. The inhabitants flee in all directions in thousands of spaceships. I feel tiny and ignored before this unfolding cataclysmic disaster.
    • Leave - (Nothing)
    • Land - (Gain 100 oxygen, Lose 50 hull, Learn 1 Technology)
    • Ansible
      Activate Ansible - (Warped... out there)
  • Only a single asteroid is in this system, floating isolated. It is all covered with shiny sprouts of some weird plant resembling a mechanism of arms and interfaces. I approach, and these mecha-sprouts connect to my board computer. It displays these phrases: ME TECHNOLOGY JUDGES / ARCHITECTS YOU WANT:
    1 - STAR IIIII
    4 - HELIUM
    • Select First - (Warped... out there)
    • Select Second - (Warped... out there)
    • Select Third - (Warped... out there)
    • Select Fourth - (Gain 20 Helium)
    • Deathseed
      Do nothing - (Gain 5 Omega)