On entering a solar system, you will be able to orbit various planets and objects in the system.

Types of objects in a system

Type Provides Mineable Hull damage[1] Landing


Fe, Si, Th, Pt, Hf, W

New technologies can also be obtained from some rocky planets, in which case, a Geo Scan will report "Anomaly Detected".

Can be occupied by enemies.

Can be converted to Garden planet with Life Seed.

With Drill None Yes

Gas Giant

H, He

Can be occupied by enemies.

In the Omega Edition of the game, it's possible for a gas giant to posses a ring system. Gas giants with rings will always supply the player with helium when the hydrogen probe is utilized.

With Hydrogen Probe 1-50 No


Land Ho!

The surface of a garden planet in the Original Edition of the game

O, C, Co, Cu, Au

Oxygen and alien encounters - On landing, the Oxygen meter will fill completely. On the first visit, there will be the option to "Encounter Life". Encounters with alien races are the main source of Omega.

Can be occupied by enemies.

With Drill 10 Yes


Abandoned Ships

Discover an abandoned ship in space, will allow salvaging of resources from equipment, transferral of elements and transfer to a new ship.

No None No

Space station


The Nomad in orbit of a space station in the Original Edition of the game


Will completely fill one meter at random when tapping the cube. The type of resource provided at each station is randomly determined at the start of the game. It remains constant for each playthrough.

No None No

Any Star

Fuel and fiery death - with the Ultraprobe, you can extract Fuel (H, He) from a star. It is highly recommended to have upgraded shields to enter the atmosphere without taking significant damage, possibly resulting in death.

Can be converted to Black Hole with Death Seed.

With Ultraprobe Random No

Black Hole

Can be traversed with Wormhole Generator No Random No
  1. Basic damage, shielding modules result in reduction of all hull damage(except events)
Mining/probing planets, or the star, removes resources from the planet/star for the duration of the visit to that solar system. When all of the resources are mined from each individual planet/star, a window will pop up saying "There is nothing left to drill". Leaving the solar system and returning will reset the resources available for everything in the solar system. The resources available from each planet/star will be of the same type and amount each time they are reset, except occasionally when probing a star, helium will be received instead of hydrogen.  Gallery of all garden planet surfaces in the Omega Edition of the game: Gallery of all rocky planet surfaces in the Omega Edition of the game: