There is a single, simple alien language shared by all alien races within the game. This language is used in alien conversations; alien words also occasionally appear in random encounters.

The vocabulary is randomly generated each game. As you progress, the game keeps track of words that you have learned, and subsequently those words are automatically translated whenever they appear.

Each of the elements in the game (e.g., iron, hydrogen, etc.) has an alien equivalent. The other alien words that can appear arе:

  • Death - AMTAAR
  • Evil - ARURMT / MAALDK
  • Fear - MAONRC / ANROXE
  • Friend - URMTMK / AM-RODU / GASRSA
  • Give. - INFKAR
  • God - TTRYKE
  • Good - FEURRA
  • Gold - MAAMAC
  • Helium - FKSUAN
  • Hydrogen - AMRMMN
  • Tungsten - BI-ACRI / SASUIN
  • Iron - AN-URMA / ANSEOE
  • Judges/Architects - MARRIS
  • Life - CBURIL
  • Love - ISRARI
  • Me - SSISAM
  • Omega - MTMAIN
  • People - URAMRA
  • Star
  • Technology - ALANBR / LGDKRC
  • Want
  • We - RIBAAZ
  • You - URDKTA
  • #### - ######
  • Thorium - MNRYON
  • Platinum - ELILLA

Notes Edit

  • Carbon and silicon have alien words, but in both cases the English word is missing. Therefore, once either of these alien words has been learned, it is effectively deleted from all dialogs. So if an alien conversation results in the request "ME WANT .", the alien is asking to be given either carbon or silicon.
  • The element oxygen has an alien word, but it is impossible to learn the word (aliens never ask to be given oxygen). The word only appears in a few random encounters, where it remains untranslated even at the end of the game.

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