(*Warning - this page contains major spoilers. To maximise gameplay experience, new players are advised to stop reading further*)


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The Blue Marker system will contain a neutron star with 3 rocky planets, all occupied by PEOPLE DEATH

The player will encounter the PEOPLE DEATH when enough planets have been explored.

Afterward you will find that they have occupied various planets across the star systems, preventing you from accessing those planets' resources.

The Blue Mission will end when the player plants the Death Seed inside the PEOPLE DEATH's home star.

After their star is destroyed, PEOPLE DEATH's army remains. It follows you, but does not attack. One of them speaks to you. They worship you. They beg you to lead them through the galaxy, to a new world. And if they are to drift forever among the stars, it will be at your side. They offer you the leadership of their civilization, and see you as a sort of GOD. When you say that you must find your homeworld, they claim it shall be theirs if you do not agree. They will ravage worlds for you. You must lead their way.

You are lost. A civilization of barbaric murders is now at your service. You don't know whether to lead them towards Earth, or to wander with them behind you for eternity through the stars. They say they wait for a new world for 100 billion years, the exact same amount of time the Nomad wandered the galaxy. So it is confirmed that this is what remains of Humanity. Beings with rage, hatred, sorrow for the world they lost when the sun was destroyed by the JUDGES/ ARCHITECTS. Even with all these blind followers beside you, you don't know what to do. You failed to find Earth. You will probably never return home.

You are lost. As are kings...


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