Contains spoilers! Don't read before completing at least one ending.

Achievements are in order of ascending rarity(difficulty) according to 59 achievements in total.

Name Google Play XP Description Notes
Blue Danube 500 Board a space station You would get this by playing tutorial or visiting first or other space station later.

Space stations can be found in any star system, including black hole, etc.

Use Interferometer to find them easily.

Name refers to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The song The Blue Danube was played during the space station docking scene.

Amazing 500 Explore 10 star systems Any kind would do, including Black Hole systems
Out of Fuel 1000 Have your fuel below 5% Time to use all your reserves, including Omega, to find gas giant for probing soon. Interferometer, Geo Scanner and Ultraprobe can help. Gas giants always contain at least 10 Hydrogen.
Stars are mine 500 Build a Space Folder You have to play tutorial or rebuild Space Folder to get this. You can get Silicon from Cryonics or Telescope.
Antiecologist 500 Drill an inhabited planet Use Drill on garden planet.

Talk with aliens before you drill, otherwise they would be too frightened to talk.

Use Interferometer to find garden planets easily.

Not alone 500 Meet an Alien Each garden planet have one alien race, but basically you can only talk once.

Have a free cargo slot before talking, they might give Omega for free.

The naked sun 1000 Orbit a Star Any kind of star would do, including neutron and supernova.

You have no reason to do this before obtaining Ultraprobe or Death Seed with at least basic Shield Generator.

Hum, Houston 500 Have an equipment destroyed Drill and probe deeply to get this, but have reserves to rebuild equipment.

Name refers to Apollo 13 space mission.

Fantastic 1000 Visit 30 star systems You are only getting started.
Gateway 1000 Find an Artifact Artifacts are sometimes found on rocky planets. Geo scanner can check its' presence without landing.
The Black God /

The Dark God

1000 Approach a Black Hole You only have to visit black hole system without orbiting black hole itself, so you won't get any damage(nor resources).
Alpha 100 Receive some Omega Most Omega come from tributes and trading with aliens, but some can be obtained in events, even 2 units at a time!

Alpha is first letter of Greek alphabet, while Omega is last.

I am rich ! 500 Dig some gold ! Garden planets only sometimes contain Gold. Geo scanner can check this without landing, though visiting aliens is always worth a try.
Houston… 500 Break your drill Drill deeply to get this, but have spare stack of Iron to rebuild Drill afterwards.

Again name refers to Apollo 13 space mission.

Last resort 500 Dismantle your Space Folder You might want to do this if you have lost Drill and all Iron to rebuild Drill and afterwards Space Folder if you have some Silicon.

Or just dismantle it before boarding new ship.

On board ! 1000 Board a new ship Ships can rarely be found in any star system, including black hole, supernova, etc.
Event Horizon 500 Orbit a black hole! You have no reason to do this before obtaining Wormhole Generator, or you can create black hole anywhere with Death Seed.

Name refers to astrophysics term.

Beacon 2000 Receive a special call Some blue cuboid in space…

Encountered randomly after visiting some amount of star systems.

Analog 1500 Discover 80 star systems You're still alive, woohoo!
Code Red 1000 Have your hull below 5% Time to use all your reserves, including Omega, to find rocky planet for drilling soon. Interferometer and Planetary Expander can help, but anyway rocky planets have at least 10 Iron.

Name probably refers to hospital code meaning fire.

Live long 500 Learn how to say "Love" in alien After each conversation with aliens you would learn 1-2 words from Galactic Language, one of them would mean "love".

Name refers to Vulcan salute gesture from Star Trek meaning "Live long and prosper".

It was close ! 500 Risk everything and live to tell When you're low on oxygen, fuel or hull and try to do something beyond your resource reserves you can risk doing it anyway. Chance of success seems to be around 10-20%.
Rama 1000 Meet 5 alien races 15 more to go.

Name refers to the book Rendezvous with Rama.

SOS 2000 Receive an SOS Find damaged Terran ship.
Space Ark 500 What a huge ship ! Board Terran ship. Second largest cargo hold with decent stats.

Name refers to biblical tale.

Star Tesla 1000 Use the Synergy Build module and its' upgrade module adjacent to increase effectiveness of latter.

Name refers to famous scientist and Greek term meaning "working together".

Other Worlds 200 Map 120 star systems Some game endings can be achieved visiting less star systems. Are you gonna explore everything?
Air, please 1000 Have your oxygen below 5% Time to use all your reserves, including Omega, to find garden planet soon. Interferometer can help, you only need to visit any garden planet. If you have Life Seed and Omega - find any rocky planet and terraform it.
Astounding 2500 Rule 140 star systems ! That's about every single star system there is in the game.
Moya 1000 Set your ship at 100% ecosystem Finding Firefly or Crescent or building Cryonics+Shared Cryonics on Terran ship should give this achievement. Not every ship can achieve 100% Ecosystem.

Name probably refers to live sentient self-sustaining starship from Farscape.

Croissant 500 Find the Crescent ship Has good stats but smaller cargo than Nomad.

Name refers to ship's shape reminiscent of French cuisine.

First Contact 2000 Meet the Enemy Hope you don't have anything valuable in cargo hold, you can lose even humans and Omega in this event. It's encountered randomly after meeting Terran ship.
Protoculture 500 Fix something with Omega You might want to spend it for modules that require two rare elements to repair it, such as Life Seed, Death Seed and especially Shield Generator.
ZZ 1500 Board a huge ship Board Disc. Has largest cargo hold in the game with complex layout and decent stats.
Enemy Mine 1500 Board a strange ship Board Enemy. Big cargo hold with easy layout and low stats. Name refers to the 1985 movie Enemy Mine.
Fascinating 1000 Scan a planet Build Geo Scan module (Si 1, Au 1) and use it on any planet or star.
Tinkle 1500 Board a weird ship Board Cube. Medium square cargo hold with medium stats.
F° 451000 1000 Probe a star for fuel Build Ultraprobe(Fe 2, Pt 1, Si 1) and use it on any star.
Stranger in… 2000 Encounter 10 alien races 10 more to go.

Name most likely means "stranger in a strange land".

Cryptonomicon 3000 Know all the alien words /

Learn all the alien words

This does not include words for elements fortunately.

Name refers to the book Cryptonomicon.

Bird of Prey 1000 Set your ship at 100% efficiency Board Firefly or build Space Folder with all upgrades on ships like Arrow or Crescent. Not every ship can achieve 100% Power.
Eternal Quest 5000 Meet the Judge Architect One of the endings.

Ending screen displays the words: "Endless Traveler"

Junkfood 500 Have the nostalgia of hamburgers Random non-interactive event. It's rare because of amount of those events.

Name is a pejorative term for unhealthy food.

Shiva 1000 Build a Death Seed Learn and build Death Seed(Co 1, Au 1, Th 1, Pt 1).

Name refers to Hindu deity sometimes known for destruction. More specifically, a reference to Robert Oppenheimer's statement upon the detonation of the first atomic bomb, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

Cold Heart 500 Get rid of some humans /

Jettison a human

Dump some humans into space from Terran ship.

But you'd better dump only one unit, move others to another ship and keep at least one full stack.

Fiat Lux ! 1000 Terraform a planet Learn and build Life Seed(C 1, O 1, Pt 1) and use it on a rocky planet.

Name is a phrase from Bible meaning "Let there be light".

Love, Ursula 500 Build the Ansible Learn and build Ansible(Fe 2, Au 1, Co 1, Si 1). Expensive and marginally useful. If you're having problems without it - git gud.

Name refers to Ursula K. Le Guin, who coined the term "ansible" in her novel Rocannon's World.

Red Dwarf 1000 Set your ship at 100% resistance Building Shield Generator with all of its' upgrades adjacent: Supraconductor protection, Void Fluctuation Projector and Thermal resonance generator should be enough to achieve 100% Resistance on any ship. Possibly last one can even be omitted.

Name probably refers to Red Dwarf series and ship.

Xenologist 3000 Talk with 15 alien races 5 more to go, yay!

Xenology is a hypothetical science whose object of study would be extraterrestrial societies developed by alien lifeforms

No limit 2000 Build all Space Folder upgrades Build Space Folder with all of its' upgrades: Gravitational well Generator, Tau-stasis and Subspace reactor.
Warp Express 1000 Travel through a black hole You need to learn and build Wormhole Generator(Fe 1, Si 1, Th 1, Au 1) and find a black hole to do this.
God-Emperor 500 Build a telescope and its' 2 upgrades You need to learn and build Telescope and all of its' upgrades: Gravitational Lens and Wormhole Generator. Also works Gravitational Lens + Interferometer.

Name refers to ?WH 40K Emperor of Mankind?

The Legacy 2000 Reach the Iron Star Station The first mission in the game.
Star's end 1000 Reach the very last star Reach end of the star field. But there are two more star systems that can't be reached by common means.

Name refers to Star's End, a mystical location in the Foundation novels by Isaac Asimov. The actual meaning of Star's End is revealed at the end of Second Foundation.

A fire upon… 2000 Purge a star system ruled by the Enemy Detonate a Death Seed in a system controlled by the enemy.

Name probably refers to A Fire Upon the Deep novel

The Star Kings 5000 Rule the Enemy One of the endings.

Name can refer to Star King novel.

Ending screen displays the words: "Star King"

Galaxian 4000 Know all alien races 20 races in total. You need to visit a lot of garden planets for that, or even better - create new ones using Life Seed.

If still having trouble you can try an exploit - write down every race you encounter(not name, it can change); when you encounter same you've already seen - exit & continue, this should generate another random race on that planet.

Back Home 5000 Find a way back home One of the endings.

Ending screen displays the word: "Tellurian"

New Earth 5000 Save your kind One of the endings.

Ending screen displays the words: "The Savior"